Cinderella opens up December 9th!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Welcome to Dans Les Aisles

 Welcome fans of Miami Childrens Theater and fans of theater in general. Our modest hope here is to let the rest of the world know about our wonderful company. To share thoughts about theater in the most sophisticated and simultaneously humorous manner as possible.

So let's talk about the name. Dan Les Aisles. French for "In the Wings". Dans Les Aisles narrowly beat out "Hello Kiddy Theater" and "Oh good! Your voice changed during tech week!" in the MCT "Name the Blog" sweepstakes. Why Dans Les Aisles? Because good theater blogs can be, and should be, read by people all over the world who love theater. We avoided the "c" word (that would be children) in the blog title because MCT the company and Dan Les Aisles the blog is really about the stage and all of its trappings. We pride ourselves in challenging our kids to take their craft, and themselves, seriously. And that, my friends, will be the closest thing you'll hear to a mission statement or artistic pontification here. Because the rest of Dans Les Aisles will aim to entertain...

Awesome Cinderella shots

Our Cinderella commercial

Proud of this...shows one the beauty of this show.

Wizard of Oz!

MCT just finished a super successful run of The Wizard of Oz at the Coral Gables Youth Center. Packed houses every night! Congratulation cast members and the creative team behind Oz - director Laura Nanes, music director Tevi Eber, choreographer Tara Allen and set by David Wedel.

A disturbing, yet informative article that could save your life!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Columbian artist Maria Berrio designs a unique Cinderella for Miami Childrens Theater

Maria Berrio is quiet, sweet, somewhat shy and eternally modest. But this nationally recognized artist, born in Bogota and now residing New York City, creates art that packs a wallop. Maria's artwork is both modern and eerily mythological, a fancy way of saying timeless. Miami Childrens Theater is extremely fortunate to have an artist of this stature design and paint the scenic art for our Cinderella. Maria's vision is a huge reason to check out our version of Cinderella!

A look at Norwegian set designer Orf Gervananski

Sometimes MCT is accused of going over the top on it's sets - a reputation we gladly accept!  Along those lines, we are not digging this guy - internationally known set designer Orf Gervanski. Mr. Gervanski  recieves up to $100,000 for his set designs. The so-called "King of Minimualism", Mr. Gervanski was just knighted in his native Norway. Judge for yourself:

My Fair Lady set (2002) Royal Albert Hall, London

Annie Get Your Gun Revival (2007) The Beaumont-Carlisle in New York City

                            West Side Story (2009) The National Australian Theater, Sydney

Finian's Rainbow (2001) Radio City Music Hall, New York City